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  • Fuji Five Lakes (Fujigoko)

    The Fuji Five Lakes are located at the foot of the Yamanashi Prefecture side of Mount Fuji, and “Fuji Five Lakes” is the collective name for the five lakes of Motosu Lake (Motosuko), Shoji Lake (Shojiko), Saiko Lake (Saiko), Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko), and Yamanaka Lake (Yamanakako).
    All of these lakes are dammed lakes that were created by a Mount Fuji eruption, and are part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

  • Motosu Lake

    Motosu Lake is famous for being the model for the lake on the back of the Japanese 1000 yen notes in which Mount Fuji is reflected. Motosu Lake is the deepest of the Fuji Five Lakes, and it is as a rare freshwater scuba-diving spot as the level of underwater visibility is high.

  • Shoji Lake

    With a circumference of just 5km, Shoji Lake has the smallest water surface area of the Fuji Five Lakes. Shoji Lake is called the Switzerland of the East and was introduced to the world as an acclaimed Japanese summer resort by a Briton (Japanese name: Yoshiharu Hoshino) who became a naturalized Japanese.

  • Saiko Lake

    Saiko Lake is famous for its abundantly-growing fujimarimo (a species of algae) which is designated as a natural monument of Yamanashi Prefecture. Furthermore, on the west of the lake is Aokigahara, also known as the sea of trees, which is the only forest in Japan that exists on a large expanse of lava.

  • Kawaguchi Lake

    Kawaguchi Lake has the longest shoreline and the lowest elevation of the Fuji Five Lakes. As black bass is allowed to be fished by recreational fishermen at Kawaguchi Lake, it is known by many fishermen as being the mecca of bass fishing.

  • Yamanaka Lake

    Yamanaka Lake is the source of the Sagami River and is the only one of the Fuji Five Lakes that has a natural outlet. In winter the lake freezes as it is a calm lake and ice fishing for wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt) is enjoyed there.