Strawberry Picking (All-you-can-eat as well)

Strawberry Picking Season has just come to Japan!

Japanese strawberries are not only tasty but also nutritious as containing a lot of vitamin C and thus are one of the most popular fruits among children and adults alike. They are highly admired overseas as well and are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and many other countries. Japanese strawberries get ripe from December to May. They are mainly produced in Tochigi ,Fukuoka and Shizuoka but are also produced in various parts of Japan. During the season, a lot of strawberry picking tours are running. With one of these tours, you can relish fresh, sweet strawberries as much as you like!!

It is said at the site of all-you-can-eat of strawberries that women seem to eat them more than men, and average is from 30 to 40 pieces per a woman. There seems to be a woman ate up 100 pieces or more in no time among them. Moreover, the content rate of vitamin C in strawberry is a top class in various kinds of foods. We could ingest necessary vitamin C for a day when we eat 5 or 6 pieces. Vitamin C works to inactivate the melanin pigment of the skin, so strawberries are the best for beauty as well.

【Tips for Strawberry Picking】

☆Tips for choosing tasty strawberries
Tasty strawberries are those...
1. having clear and sharp pimples covering the whole
2. having a hull in fresh green
3. having a smooth surface with no damage on it
4. having a skin evenly coloured in vivid red

☆Tips for picking strawberries easily and effectively
1. Hold a fruit gently
2. Turn the fruits upwards (turn the hull downwards)
3. Pull the fruits downwards until they are separated from the stem Following this, you can relish strawberries without giving any damage to the fruits or stems