Illumination in Japan

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Throughout the autumn and winter, Japan celebrates the season with a number of spectacular night-time illuminations. On a cold winter's night, there is nothing quite as beautiful as the bright glow of illumination. Take a trip through the bright side of Japan, and prepare to be dazzled.


  • Odaiba


    Odaiba, the heart of Tokyo's bay, is packed full of interesting and unique shopping centers with their own beautiful light displays. In winter, from the nearby Decks Tokyo Beach, you can gaze upon the glittering brilliance of the Daiba Memorial Tree backed by Rainbow Bridge. Aqua City Odaiba joins the festivities as well with its annual light-up, different from year to year. Finally, Palette Town's enormous Ferris wheel also celebrates the season with an impressive display of Christmas lights. These various light displays will can be seen starting from the beginning of November.

  • Roppongi


    Roppongi lies at the heart of Japan's capital, Tokyo. The season of lights in Japan is fast approaching, and to celebrate Roppongi's Tokyo Midtown is producing an incredible illumination show with the theme "A Journey from Earth to Space." Not to be beat, Roppongi Hills is illuminating a stretch of roughly 400 meters of tree-lined road in its "Keyakizaka GALAXY Illumination" show. Approximately 1,100,000 LEDs will create a dazzling display that will cover the whole of Roppongi. Illumination is scheduled to start in mid November, and end on December 25.

  • Kobe Luminarie

    Kobe Luminarie

    Kobe Luminarie is an event held in the Chuo-ku of Kobe (Hyogo prefecture), and is one of the defining winter events of the city. Begun after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, it was meant to serve as a memorial for those who were lost, and a prayer for the revitalization of Kobe. This year marks its 20th anniversary. At the Luminarie, see geometric patterns from Italy arranged into a majestic, brilliant display of light. The Luminarie is scheduled to start on December 4, and run until December 15.

  • Ashikaga Flower Park

    Ashikaga Flower Park

    From autumn to winter in Ashikaga city (Tochigi prefecture), the Ashikaga Flower Park offers a dazzling display of flowers made of pure light. The triple theme of "nature, space, and earth" provides an immense reason for an immense display. See a field of humongous trees covered with wisteria, the "Garden of the Flowers of Light," a 80 meter long corridor of illuminated flowers, the "Corridor of White Wisteria," and much more. Illumination is scheduled to run from October 25, 2014 through February 5, 2015.