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Popular Varieties of Cherries in Japan


The definitive Japanese cherry, “Satonishiki” have been cultivated for more than 100 years. Their name is derived from “Sato”, the surname of the person who introduced them. They’re known for their strikingly sweet taste with a touch of sourness, and are in season from early to late June.


Benishuho cherries are quite large and tend to remain fresh longer than other types, which make them popular gifts in Japan. These juicy cherries have a pleasing texture and are only slightly sour, which allows you to savor their inherent sweetness. This variety of cherry can be enjoyed at their most delicious from mid-June to early July.


Takasago cherries originated in North America, and their lineage extends even further back than the Satonishiki. Sweet, but with a mild sourness, these elegant cherries have a more subtle and delicate taste which distinguishes them from other varieties. Takasago cherries are only briefly in season from early to mid-June.


The cultivation of these cherries can be traced all the way back to early 18th-century Europe. This variety is notable for its large size and pronounced sweetness, accompanied by a faint sourness. You can pick them fresh during their peak season from mid-June to early July.

Cherry Picking in Japan

June is peak season for cherry picking in Japan. An astounding 90% of all cherries grown in Japan come from Hokkaido and the prefectures of Yamagata and Yamanashi. When you’re out in the orchards, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothing and reliable footwear. Be prepared to climb up and down ladders, and watch for bugs and the occasional snake. Once you’re ready, come along and taste some fresh, delicious cherries!

Cherries are highly popular in Japan, and are even considered a luxury fruit. Our tour buses can easily travel to orchards which are hard to reach via ordinary public transport. Don’t pass up this chance to taste some delicious Japan-grown cherries!